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That's our long story short
About Dutchie

Since 2007, Dutchie’s have been finding their way from Holland to homes all over the world

These lovable Dutch bicycles (oh admit it; they’re cute!) have been finding good homes where they tirelessly do their bit by providing gentle exercise (with emphasis on ‘gentle’; no athletic skills required) and enjoyable commutes...

...and moreover, making their owners look very cool and fashionable whilst riding them!

Our Heritage

Made in Holland, Dutchie’s come from a long line of Classic Dutch Bicycles stretching back to 1884.

In the backstreets of provincial Holland, they were literally conceived from the bottom up. A local blacksmith, popular with local Dutch cyclists for his talent in turning out bicycle parts, hit upon the idea of combining his skills and started producing complete bicycles.

It was the start of Holland’s unceasing love affair with two wheels...

Dutchie Bicycles
  • Dutch Bike Company LTD (Registered Office Only)
  • Penhurst House, London, SW11 3BY
  • info@dutchie.co.uk
  • UK Company Number: 6590640
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